A great welcome to my blog, or rather fanfics.

This is where I post my Girls’ Generation (SNSD) fanfics. I may use other characters as part of my story but please note those are just random names at the top of my mind.

If you think there is something you would want to share or criticize, please do not hesitate to comment. I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Disclaimer: All stories are a work of fiction. The characters do not exist, except in the mind of the author. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Latest updates:
01.04 At Twentieth Sound
25.03 At Nineteenth Sound
18.03 At Eighteenth Sound
11.03 At Seventeenth Sound
04.03 At Sixteen Sound
26.02 At Fifteen Sound
19.02 At Fourteen Sound
12.02 At Thirteen Sound
05.02 At Twelfth Sound
29.01 At Eleventh Sound
23.01 Letting go III
22.01 At Tenth Sound
15.01 At Ninth Sound
09.01 At Eighth Sound

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